Welcome to the Pet Portraiture Gallery!
The Gallery has expanded to include new portraitures AND new subjects!
People, Places and Things have been added to the gallery.
Also a Gift Shop where you can have your portraitures printed on various items.
And don't forget to check out the new Pet Portraitures, too!
You don't have to have a pet to have a portraiture created. Have an extraorginary portrait created of your extraordinary (person) family member. Go to the People room of the gallery to view people portraitures.
Another new room in the gallery is the Places room. Portraitures of recognized architecture from around the world c an be found here. You can purchase a print from the gallery or have a portraiture created of your favorite architecture. Contact Pet Portraiture for additional information.
The Things room has a host of prints and cards for purchase created from everyday objects. Flowers are the current subject in the room, but check back from time to time for other interesting subjects.
Don't froget to visit the Gift Shop. Take your prints and turn them into t-shirts, hats, mousepads and other fun products!
Enjoy your visit!! Contact Pet Portraiture for additional information or to place an order.
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